The Future of Health Now's Online Summit Begins

If you've been reading the Zynik blog at any point during 2012 you've likely noticed a few mentions about a project that Zynik's own Erai Beckmann has been working on. It's the type of project we like to be involved with because not only does it connect the world at large with their health & wellness (something we will always be in support of), it is very much intertwined with the personal passion that drives a young entrepreneur.

Erai Beckmann has worked hard to put together a distinguished network of thinkers, innovators, doctors and celebrities from the world of wellness. It's a real meeting point for the world's of eastern and traditional western medicine.

While there may be a lot of recognizable names on here that you will recognize from television or the New York Times bestseller list, there are also a number of well-respected individuals who may not have the household name or buzz that some of the others do – but that's one of the things that makes the Future of Health Now so interesting.

By concentrating on emerging trends or viewpoints backed up by science, there exists a great opportunity for health-minded people to find some new sources and new individuals from which to draw inspiration and expertise.

The 20 experts involved with the Future of Health Now:


Anat Baniel

Dr Mark Hyman

Dr Scott Stoll

Gary Taubes

Dr Daniel J. Siegel

William Grant

Daphne Oz

Steven Wood

Dr Shira Miller

Dr John Monaco

Rollin McCraty

Dr Kareem Samhouri

Dr Aubrey De Grey

Dr John Berardi

Dr Daniel Amen

Dr John Berardi

Dr Cynthia Green

John Mackey

Dr Brandon Colby

Bill Phillips

Timothy Ferriss

By listening to these in-depth interviews about so many unique areas of specialization, the Future of Health Now is an opportunity to take some time for yourself and to make an appointment for you – on your own terms.

Helping Erai connect with his vision of helping people to live happier and healthier lives is one of the reasons why it's important to support young entrepreneurs with very big visions. Here's to a vision of a healthier future.  

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