More (Social) Fluency for More People

Social Fluency has been a big presence in the Zynik Capital office for quite some time and a recent chat with co-founder Devon Ash revealed that their transition to a new office in San Francisco is rolling along better than they expected. The company continues to push the boundaries of personal improvement and lifestyle acceleration. Much of their recent moves have been to emphasize the role of fluency in the workplace and classroom.

The Zynik blog was able to track down Devon Ash and ask him a few questions about the company and San Francisco in general.

Z. The @work portion of social fluency seems to be growing, tell us more about this portion of the company.

Devon. We have been building out our corporate engagements and starting to get some serious traction with some very big players. Something we say is "team building is dead... you have to build individuals because teams are always changing, create strong confident people who can work on ANY team"

Z. How does San Francisco differ from Vancouver?

Devon. It differs in size, pace and diversity. Though I do get to surf in the morning before heading to the office.

Z. We hear you're in a new office space - how's that going?

D. We are in a great co-working building called weWork and it is amazing, vibrant, stylish and clean. Plus we are surrounded by other StartUps and that allows us the opportunity to do what we do best, which is meet new people.

Z. You've been active in San Francisco for a while now, what are some of the most interesting aspects of the transition?

D. We have a bigger playing field down here. When I'm doing an assessment with someone, I'm not surprised to hear they are a front office type at Google or Apple. It's just the type of people who work in this city.

Z. Tell us about some of your biggest milestones over the past while.

D. We've had significant growth. Because of that, we've had to bring on several new instructors. We're looking to continue this forward momentum. Adding outstanding individuals to this company is always going to be a highlight for me.

Z. What are you most looking forward to in the short and long terms for Social Fluency?

D. The short-term priority is going to be focused on a lot of corporate training and we're looking to do this both locally here in San Francisco but also nationally. I would say that our long term plans are about expanding into different markets entirely and getting more niche focused. More fluency to more people.  

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Zynik Capital has been and continues to be an excellent strategic partner for Texada Software. They are a trusted advisor with tangible hands on expertise supporting management’s efforts in the evaluation and execution of strategic initiatives. Their ongoing support, both personal and financial, has been instrumental in the success of the company and will continue to be so as we enter into the company’s next level of growth.

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Weber Manufacturing was acquired by Zynik in 2007, it has been a pleasure working directly with the Chairman, Mr. Iqbal Kassam. His management style is the best I have ever seen! He allows Weber management to make all the day to day decisions, yet when we need to call on his expertise in strategic planning, he provides guidance and support. The entire Zynik team has been supportive and helpful with a focus on long-term growth for Weber, creating a win-win result for Weber employees and Zynik. I look forward to working with Zynik for many more years to come.

Chris Edwards President and CFO Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc.

I have had the privileged of working with Zynik and the Kassam family for 15 years now. We have partnered as shareholders on two start-ups and one turnaround. I served as President and CEO in each those enterprises. The experience has provided me with a great learning environment as well as financial reward.

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Since April 2007 we have been able to double the gross revenue, expand into new markets, developed two new product lines that are not related to tooling and we have hired 50+ new fulltime employees which is not only adding to the Weber family, but supporting many businesses/people in the Town of Midland.

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