Proven Track Record of Extraordinary Results

Zynik Capital Corporation has a winning team that produces results and always delivers on a promise.

Proven Track Record in High-Profile Situations

Big opportunities require big visions and Zynik Capital Corporation has the ability and the means to manage high-profile opportunities.

Proven Track Record for Enabling Opportunity

Zynik Capital Corporation invests its time and assets into developing and refining companies of all levels thanks to our angel and early-stage investing program.


A great team can sometimes be much more than the sum of its parts. Zynik Capital Corporation believes in bringing together the right people on the right projects in order to achieve outstanding results. A blend of youth, experience and lots of enthusiasm continues to give us an edge in every aspect of our endeavours.

While the Kassam Family has been building Zynik over several decades, they are continually keeping an eye peeled for outstanding young talent emerging from a broad base of different industries and sectors. By retaining the best talent and empowering them with outstanding opportunity, Zynik Capital Corporation continues to set a new standard year over year.

Meet the Gurus

Iqbal Kassam, Chairman
Nadeem Kassam, Director
Nabil Kassam, Managing Director
Ginna Ng, Vice President - Finance